Melinda Lee Schmitt

Do you ever get the goosebumps when your best friend says something so true you feel it in your bones?

Have you ever felt like you need to cancel your plans but don’t know why until you receive a call saying your sister is in labor?

Have you ever known something was wrong with your pet even though no one else notices anything unusual?

If you can relate to any of these or something similar, you have experienced subtle energy. It is the energy that makes up our aura and connects us to one another and all things. Communicating using subtle energy is a way to communicate with not only animals but also, your own inner knowing. It is (typically) not a direct dialogue, but a subtle exchange of information. Often, we may not know we are doing it because we are conditioned to believe that if it’s not accessed through the traditional 5 senses, then it’s not real. Let me set the record straight. It’s real. And, not just because I say so, science does too.

You may remember 3D stereograms that were popular in the 90s. They were patterned images you had to look “through” in order to see the 3D image (often an animal) that was within the image. If you need a reminder, click here. This is now often used as a way to practice “seeing” the subtle light energies that make up our aura or biofield.

There are many paths to accessing this subtle energy in our aura, but the most important thing to recognize is just how subtle it is. If you are not practiced or focused on the energy you will likely miss it or dismiss it. It took me months of practicing with those stereograms in the 90s before I was able to see the image hidden within. Little did I know what I was truly practicing for!

The challenge for me is that while I eventually became well-practiced in seeing the subtle images in those stereograms, seeing subtle energies is not my primary path for accessing subtle energies. We all have one or two primary paths for accessing it. These are the easiest ways for us to begin practicing energetic languages like animal communication or our own innate knowing.

It took me years of frustration; trying to see subtle energy; before I realized I was dismissing my easy path – the path of knowing. I know things but don’t know why or how I know them. I try to explain what this is like, but we don’t have the language yet for this type of energy exchange. I felt like I was making things up, like I was simply saying things that appeared in my mind, hoping they would be true. Like I really was living in a land of make-believe like I was always told as a child.

After taking many classes and programs for animal communication and animal healing as well as researching as much as I could on all the clairs (clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairgustance, clairalience – the psychic abilities that access subtle energy), I was finally able to acknowledge that claircognizance (clear knowing) is the path that comes easiest to me.

Knowing this, I have been able to hone my skill while practicing my ability to expand how I access subtle energy. I can now occasionally see things (clairvoyance), feel things (clairsentience), and most recently I smell things that aren’t there (clairalience). I smell you Grandpa, thanks for letting me know you are there…

Accessing subtle energy is a practice and one that I continue to hone every day. And, every time I have a breakthrough, I still get the same thrill I used to get when I could *finally* see that 3D image in those stereograms. “OMG – It IS an elephant!”