Melinda Lee Schmitt

What is mirroring?

Mirroring is recognizing a reflection of some aspect of yourself outside of yourself.

How is it used in animal communication?

Mirroring in animal communication is when an animal – whether a pet or a wild one – mirrors an aspect of ourselves in an attempt to guide us toward greater self-love, self-acceptance, or some other form of growth.

Why would the animals do this?

Animals know that the greater tuned in and loving we are toward ourselves, the greater tuned in and loving we are to the whole. We understand that we are one with all that is and tune our awareness to ways in which we can help not only ourselves but the entire planet. They know that we are uniquely qualified to heal the planet in ways they can’t, so they tune their attention to ways in which they can help us.

Sometimes I actively look for this mirroring in the hopes of discovering ways I can grow. Other times it’s unexpected.

A few months ago I was out for an early morning walk (before sunrise) which I do every day. I noticed that no animals were around which was unusual, normally I see a few bunnies, hear a few birds, or maybe even witness a raccoon or opossum. My mind reminded me that I am a predator and they likely weren’t out because I was around (which is ridiculous because I am out there every day and they don’t usually hide).

That’s when the stories started. My mind quickly reminded me of all the ways I have been a predator in my life – intentionally and unintentionally. I sank deeper and deeper into my shame. I barely made it 200 feet before I had convinced myself I was a horrible person not worthy of love. (Damn, I go deep fast!)

As I rounded the corner back to my house I heard the unmistakable sound of a great horned owl, a rare visitor to my neighborhood where barred owls typically rule the night. Relief poured through me as I recognized that I wasn’t the predator, the great horned owl was.

Which led to some deep curiosity. If I was so willing to judge myself harshly for being a predator, why was I not willing to do the same to the owl? Why, instead did I only feel overwhelming love and gratitude for this majestic night visitor? If he was worthy of my love and appreciation, wasn’t I worthy of the same?

Tears poured down my face as I recognized the owl was gifting me the reflection of my own inherent worthiness.

I still struggle with worthiness, but since that day I have continued to grow my own self-love and appreciation because of and in spite of the ways I show up in the world. This is the gift of animal communication. This is the gift of mirroring.

I was honored to be the first guest on Tracy Pierce’s podcast where we discussed the topic of mirroring further. Give it a listen and let me know how mirroring has shown up in your life!