Melinda Lee Schmitt

Did you know that the feather you were excited to find the other day was a form of animal communication? It doesn’t always just look like someone who is a professional psychic or intuitive. We are all already doing it whether we know it or not. Nature speaks in as many languages as there are people to hear it.

Feathers, bones, scat, prints in the mud, nests, unique and intriguing stones are examples of ways nature communicates through a physical object. One of the more common messages of this type of communication is the animal (or nature) saying, “I’m here alongside you supporting your journey.” It is a way for them to offer you comfort and connection. *Feather are sometimes a message from a loved one that has passed on rather than a direct animal communication – instead the animal is the conduit for the message*

A particular animal that crosses your path three times or more in a relatively short span of time is a form of communication. It doesn’t even have to be the live animal, it could be an animal that passes through your social media feed three or more times in rapid succession from three different sources. Or, it could be a combination of live and images of the animal. If you find yourself thinking, “That’s odd. I can’t believe that animal keeps popping up for me.” Then it’s probably a message. A great place to start is by researching the metaphysical meaning of that animal.

Our pets are constantly communicating with us. They make it clear when they need to go out, or are ready to eat. But they are communicating other, more complex things to us regularly. It takes just a little practice of honing in on their behaviors, vocalizations, and nuances to begin to understand them. More than likely, you have already begun this process of deepening communication with them. Often, while at a client’s house in the midst of asking me what their pet is saying to them, they are also telling me the answer! For example:

“Do you think my pet likes the food I am giving them? I feel like they are more likely to eat the whole bowl with this food than with the previous brand I was giving them.” They just answered their own question. Or:

“Do you think our pet is happy living in our home? I mean, they seem content to me, they do sleep a lot, they seem to enjoy when I throw the ball. But, do you think they are happy?” Again, they have answered their own question especially if they understand that happy, safe, well-adjusted pets sleep a lot!

My primary means of animal communication comes through mirroring and metaphors. Mirroring is exactly as it sounds. Our pets (and sometimes wildlife) mirror us in ways that help us see areas of growth. My chihuahua, Tater Tot did this when I first adopted him. He was an anxious, fearful, untrusting soul. He claimed me and my home as his safe space and guarded it with a fierceness that was unnecessary. His brow was always furrowed, even while resting. The only time he appeared settled was when he burrowed into a blanket unable to see anyone or anything. It didn’t take long for me to see how he was a perfect mirror for me, down to the furrowed brow. This mirroring guided me to see that we both needed more love and acceptance if we had any hope of changing. Once I stopped trying to change us, we both began to change.

My favorite means of animal communication is through metaphors. All of nature uses this as a method of communication, animals, plants, rocks, weather, etc. We may notice it on rainy days and wonder if we are feeling gray because the day is gray or if the day is gray because we were already feeling gray. I think it can be either or. I have had clients contact me wondering what it means that they saw multiple dead animals over the course of 24 hours. This is often a metaphor for the endings happening within their own lives. A reminder that life is cyclical and all stages are important. Absences can be a communication too.

I go on morning walks every morning in my neighborhood. I often see animals; deer, opossums, raccoons, bunnies, coyotes, owls, hawks, and more. There was a time when I was desperate to have unusual encounters with the wildlife in my area. I was beginning to become visible in my journey as an animal communicator and I felt like if I didn’t see anything I was failing to communicate. I would begin my walks asking any animal to make themselves known. After almost a week of not seeing anyone, I began to understand that they were offering me the understanding that I didn’t need proof or validation of my abilities. I just had to believe it for myself. It was challenging to accept and I still always want validation, but it was only once I gave myself permission to believe in myself that they started joining me on my walks again.

There are countless other methods of communication that I haven’t even touched on in this blog. Curiosity and practice are the methods in which you will find your own path of communication. Enjoy the process, the animals have been waiting for you!