Melinda Lee Schmitt

Oh hi. You might be confused if you showed up here looking for my Burn the Patriarchy coaching but found a website full of WILD coaching with a lot of talk about animals and energy healing.

I get it.

The leap isn’t as great as it first appears. After all, the idea came from the animals themselves.

It was the beginning of June. My website had just been completed. I started a newsletter with monthly animal messages. I was ready to dive head first into marketing my Become Unapologetically Wild coaching program. I signed up for a local networking group and was about to start learning a new style of coaching that would round out my practice.

Something had been feeling slightly off all along, but without knowing what that was, I forged ahead. My program was good. It was solid. I chalked it up to nerves.

Then, the Tuesday before my first networking meetup, I heard from the animals. It was a part of my practice to communicate with them regularly, but this was different. It was like I was hearing from all of them collectively through one voice.

“Burn the patriarchy.”

What? I heard it and I knew instantly what they meant, but my logical brain had trouble catching up. Then they elaborated.

“Lit from within you’ll become the embers that burn it down.”

Again, my logical brain tried catching up and making sense of it, but the deep knowing within me knew that they meant it was time to pivot my offering. I was to become a Burn the Patriarchy coach by fanning the ember within all my clients. With this tagline, they were letting me know how it would work.

Then, they showed me the visual of women I would be coaching with their embers burning brighter and brighter within. These women would then join together with other women whose embers were glowing from other coaching and spiritual practices stealthily singeing the edges of the patriarchy.

When enough women were fully engulfed in their innate power, together their collective embers would burst into flame creating a fire so bright and hot that the patriarchy would incinerate before they even had time to retaliate.

I felt the strength of this vision. I felt the truth of this vision. I felt the certainty of this vision.

Patriarchy has taught me well though. This was absurd. This was too much. What did it even mean to receive a message like this through a collective voice of the animals? I was already pushing the boundaries of “reality” by talking to animals in the first place. I must be making all of this up.

I know I’m not making it up. I know that’s just old belief systems trying to maintain their hold, but still I had questions.

“Ok, animals, but what about all the good work I was doing for you? The healing and communication I was offering? The bridge I was able to be between you and your family members?”

“Thank you, but there are plenty of others willing to do that work and we don’t need nearly as much help as you humans think we do. We need you to help burn the patriarchy. This imbalance is doing more harm to all of us and the planet more than anything else and we know you are willing to do it. We need as many of you doing this work as possible.”

Body chills. “Ok, but I think people use the saying Smash the patriarchy more often. I think that will be more recognizable.”

“Ah, but if you smash the patriarchy, you will be visible in your approach. They will put up defenses and be prepared for you.

They used torches to burn you who were women or anyone that didn’t conform to their patriarchy when your power seemed to be getting too great. Then, they convinced you to turn those torches on yourselves through your self-deprecating thoughts and shame.

Reclaim that fire. Come together collectively. Do it one ember at a time. Like the frogs in the boiling pot, they won’t see it coming.”

I could feel it and know it. This wasn’t about man-hating. This wasn’t about any sort of hate at all. This was the greatest act of love. Love for our planet, love for each other, love for our future.

This was about burning down a structure. One with an already weak foundation. This was about helping to launch humanity into our 5D existence.

So, with a tremble in my voice I declared, “I’ll do it.”

“Fantastic.” The collective animal voice declared. “We are with you. We’ll help you however you need.”

And that is how I went from being the animal communicator and energy healer for the animals to the Burn the Patriarchy coach who is being guided by the animals.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been more afraid and more ready to do anything in my life.