When I was young, I sensed that I was different. I knew things I shouldn’t have logically known. I felt things that didn’t make sense to me, my family, or friends. With no one to guide me through the journey of six-sensory self-discovery, I left that path behind in the attempt to “fit in” and become “normal.” Over time, the pain of not allowing my intuitive nature out to play proved to be greater than the pain of not fitting in.

Since 2007 I have played with my gifts, explored them, and fine tuned my abilities. It was through this exploration that I began coaching others. I found that the tools I learned through my spiritual practice complimented my intuitive gifts. I use both in my sessions to lead my clients out of their well-worn, unproductive stories and into their Divine Greatness.

Can I predict your future? Absolutely not. Can you predict your future? Without a doubt! Allow me to help guide you in the direction you are meant to go and provide the tools you need. These tools coupled with your own desire and drive will lead you to become the creator of your own destiny.

Ready to be embrace your light and purpose? Contact me to schedule your first appointment. All of my healing sessions are 90 minutes long. Individual sessions are $100 or you may purchase 4 sessions for $300 (That’s one session free!). For any additional questions, please email me at melindaleeschmitt@gmail.com Sending you light and love. xo