Growth is inevitable; Suffering is not!

If you are anything like me, pretty much every thought running through your mind is an attempt to become a better version of yourself. But, these thoughts often lead to overwhelm, anxiety, depression, and shame.

Why can’t I just…

What did I do wrong…

Gah, I should know better…

I should do better by now…

Then, you read the next book or find the next inspirational Tedx talk and things become amazing again. You get it, you really get it. Until you don’t. And then those thoughts return with a vengeance.

It’s not working because no one (not ONE PERSON) knows you better than you know you. They may have amazing tools you can stick in your personal, spiritual toolbox, but none of these tools are the one that is going to fix you; first of all because you aren’t broken, but secondly because everything you need is already within you.

So, the question becomes, how do we get that knowledge out of us and into practice?

One of my most favorite ways is Divination! Specifically with oracle cards. They are such a fun way to connect with my inner knowing, my angels, my guides. And, truthfully, we are meant to learn all our lessons through fun and play, not suffering and shame!

Doesn’t that sound so much better than walking around berating yourself and wondering why you aren’t doing this life ‘right’?

Come explore what oracle cards can do for you. xo

I felt very relaxed and comfortable with Melinda. She guided me through a grounding exercise and I immediately felt a powerful shift. Melinda was able to identify many things I have been working on without my even mentioning them to her and had many helpful recommendations. Book a session, it’s worth it! -Leslie

She’s wonderful. Lovely, non-judgmental, and loving. I felt completely nurtured and taken care of during the hour we spoke and she was bang on with her coaching in the areas I needed some reassurance and peace. -Rita

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